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Mission Statement

Choreographer/Dancer Claudia Anata Hubiak founded The Anata Project in January of 2011. This project is based on the concept of Anata, or “egolessNESS” in Sanskrit. In Tibetan Buddhism, the word Anata is used in reference to the spacious quality of our mind and body, the way we can naturally experience everything that arises in our life without centralizing inwards. This vision serves as the backbone and founding principle of this dance company.

The goal of The Anata Project is to incorporate mindful action into movement, being fully in the moment, awake and relaxed to enhance the creative process and produce dances and dance films that take a deep look into the genuine and courageous workings of the unguarded mind and heart.

Artist Statement

“I use rhythm as the backbone for everything I choreograph. The structure of time gives the dance a sense of life, a pulsing heartbeat that propels the movement forward. My style is both linear and sensual,  based on the kinesthetic integration of physical sensation. I aim for an honest sense of vulnerability, the idea that we are looking at a real human life and all the joy and chaos that comes with it. In the studio, I am interested in creating a learning environment where exploration can occur.

I believe that sensation-based investigation can provide a dancer with invaluable tools for technique, performance and awareness practices. The use of humor and mindfulness is imperative to the process, and I strive to play with these ideas, creating a place for my dancers to both be themselves and expand themselves simultaneously”. ~ Claudia Anata Hubiak

notjustmoreidlechatter teaser

Notjustmoreidlechatter is a new dance work about observing the mind by Claudia Anata, with an original score by composer Jonas Leuenberger. Five movement studies explore emotional reaction through physical impulse, the complicated allure of chasing obsession down the rabbit hole, and bearing witness to the chatter of the mind.

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