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Your ongoing support is what makes The Anata Project a success. To make a secure online donation that goes directly to The Anata Project, please click on the PayPal link below. Tax-deductible donations can be made through our 501 c(3) fiscal sponsor, Dancers Group. Make sure to select The Anata Project in the recipient category scroll. You can also make checks payable to DANCERS GROUP with The Anata Project written in the memo line. All checks can be mailed to:

The Anata Project
1105 Bush St Apt 503
San Francisco, CA.

For additional questions or information, please email us at

Join the Anata Leadership Team today!

Join our new program, The Anata Leadership Team by making a donation of $250 or more. As a member of our Anata Leadership Team, you will help us secure an annual income that allows us to build and create meaningful work and to grow as a family that stays tuned to the process and progress of the company. Your money goes towards development of new work, dancer salaries, theater costs and touring expenses.

 ($50 or more): Give the Gift of Dance

Every $50 provides a dance class and wellness discussion panel for the Anata Outreach Program for young dancers education.

 ($100 or more): Invest in the Idea

Every hundred dollars helps fund the raw materials of creation: body ink for the new piece, fabric for costumes and rehearsal space where is all begins.

 ($250 or more): Send us on tour!

Every gift of $250 pays for a dancers flight. Receive exclusive touring footage of performance and rehearsal in our video touring journal.

 ($500 or more): Anata Leadership Circle

Receives an Anata Membership Card that allows exclusive access to premiere tickets, backstage passes, discounted attire and recognition on our website.

($1000 or more): Anata Benefactor

Receives above, an invitation to watch the dancers at work in our open rehearsals, and reserved seating at our performances.

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